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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer with two factories. Almost all the processes of the products from raw material to final products are made by ourselves.


Q: How long is the quality guarantee storage period?

A: 1 year.


Q: How about the price?

A: We promise that the price we offer is the lowest one at the same quality level. Because almost all the processes of the products are made by us, we have the perfect condition to reduce the cost. 


Q: What about is the lead time?

A: 5-35days after sample confirmation.


Q: Do you offer free sample?

A: Yes, our sample is free, but do you mind to sharing the freight of it? And the freight that you have paid for the sample can be returned back to you when you place an order to us.


Q: How do you keep the quality and how to solve the quality problems after sales?

A: Almost all of the processes from raw material to final products are made by us. Our experienced QC and workers are always monitor the quality of every process. Even if the goods have problems. Please kindly take photos or make videos of the problems and send to us. After we confirm the problems, within three work days, The satisfied solutions can been sent you.

More information please call, E-mail or visit us. It's our honor to work for you.

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